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About us
Agro Traders Ltd was formed in 1991 in the heart of Nigeria’s main cocoa growing belt of Ondo State. Nearly 40% of all Nigeria’s cocoa crop is grown and harvested in Ondo State.

From trading just 400 metric tonnes locally during that 1991/1992 Season, Agro Traders Ltd has now grown to become one of the most sophisticated, indigenous exporters of cocoa from Nigeria shipping up to 20,000mt annually. The increase in turnover and price risk is controlled through hedging and tight management systems.

In 2003, Agro Traders Ltd UK was set up to develop and support these new and existing business activities. With the emphasis on meticulous control of all produce that passes through our stores, Agro Traders Ltd has successfully earned itself a market wide reputation for the responsible and reliable supply of top quality raw Nigerian cocoa beans to the international market.
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